About Phoenix

Original Persian Phoenix

An Accelerator in Different Approach

How did it start?

Every beginning can be random or planned. The advent of Phoenix, however, is both 15-year pre-planned events and few-minute random. In 2019, the Phoenix officially began to support startups. Phoenix has gotten bigger and wiser under consideration of the scientific and industrial community and the young people who work with us; so, this makes it possible to support you with more strength.

About Phoenix

As mentioned, As mentioned, Phoenix officially started working in 2020, a stormy start in honor of the Iranian original Phoenix! We made up a strong team, a young team whose core consists of experienced, young, and academic managers. It is considered that assisting the prominent professors from reputable domestic and foreign universities, industry activists, and common courses with world-leading accelerators may have distinguished us, but we believe our ability goes beyond external factors. We are proud to rely on indefinite knowledge achieved by our colleagues and consultants and it is constantly improving by their unlimited abilities.

What do we do?

1. Top startups are selected by a team of experienced experts in judging.
2. We hold a specialized course with various services by the cooperation of an experienced mentors’ team in phoenix to selected startups to reach the final customer.
3. The creativity, technical and market teams create ideas in a continuous cycle as an active startup studio in phoenix.
4. Our International Law Unit is responsible for developing startups in the target countries for the applicants. We take on this with the help of standard and experienced business partners.

Mutual interests for all key partners

Phoenix Startup Accelerator has implemented several approaches such as holding joint mentoring courses, conferences, and common specialized courses, upgrading the technical and scientific level, evaluating performance, promotion, and investment to make a stable relationship based on trust, and establishing long-term interaction with its business copartners. Also, we always prioritize the interests of our business partners in line with social responsibilities.
We have a win-win relationship with all key copartners.

Phoenix Responsibilities

We are mainly responsible for "supporting, developing and investing in selected startups". Support can take many forms, but our experts and consultants, as well as team managers, try to provide the teams with the best methods of economical, credit, and training support through reaching a common point of view.
Then, we try to develop your startup in all aspects and increase your sales rate drastically through our capable consultants in the country and abroad. Therefore, we can cooperate with you as an investor or introduce you to the investors of our contractors in Iran and abroad.

Phoenix family

The large Phoenix family is made up of more than 100 prominent university professors and faculty members of top domestic and foreign universities, more than 10 world-class sellers and business people, and more than 30 experienced and professional craftsmen along with our associations of partner scientific and business partners accompanied by all of the teams we consult and support.
You too can join the big Phoenix family right now.

Our Business Network

Made up of different companies that have close relationships and sometimes take small equity stakes in each other, all the while remaining operationally independent.


تیم فینیکس راه اندازی 100+ کارمند در 20 کشور مختلف است. ما بیش از نیمی از افراد رنگین پوست و نیمی از زنان هستیم.

Phoenix members

A professional team must be the most important reason for progress.

Human resources are significant in Phoenix. The Phoenix thanks for their efforts in various fields.

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