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Membership Terms

Having a new idea to determine commercialization potential
Having credit committee approval on science and commerce

Presenting your ideas can be “artificial intelligence, image processing, smart city, IoT, mechatronics, robotics, information technology (IT) or humanities.


  • What terms and conditions are a team required to apply to accept in Phoenix Accelerator?

  • Phoenix Accelerator supports startups, so the first step is to let go of worries. The next step is to send us your idea. This idea does not have to be very complete and comprehensive at first.
  • What fields does Phoenix Accelerator support the startup team?

  • We can accept start-up projects in most fields since Simurgh cooperates with an extensive network of prominent faculty from universities as well as professionals in industrial centers.
  • Can I join one of the Phoenix Accelerator startups due to my specialty?

  • Submit your resume on the site; we will offer amazing suggestions for you.
  • What do honorable accelerator services include?

  • 1. Allocating an office in the Phoenix complex
    2. Ability to use the laboratories of educational, academic, and industrial centers for teams.
    3. Providing technical, business, and legal advice through the extensive network of Phoenix Accelerator consultants
    4. Ability to communicate with Phoenix Accelerator foreign investor network
    5. Holding training workshops and specialized courses required by startups in their technical fields and general management
    6. Holding joint courses with accelerators approved by Canada
    7. Ability to register and develop startups abroad and earn foreign exchange
  • How are Phoenix investments in our startups?

  • Phoenix Accelerator can register a startup, obtain visas, and expand startups abroad in addition to provide space allocation and various consultations and training for startup teams. Furthermore, Phoenix supports its startups as an investor in Iran and abroad.
  • Is only the new idea accepted in Phoenix Accelerator?

  • No, the unit's initial assessment will be done for the innovation and creativity of your idea.
    Phoenix creativity unit may assist you to change your idea, so do not miss this opportunity.
  • Do the teams with legal personalities have a chance of being accepted?

  • Yes, we will happy to welcome that.
    Even if the teams lack legal personality, we assist applicants to register their official brand, product, and company in Iran and abroad.
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